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CGI-Quality said:

Unless you play a lot of multiplayer games, you don't particularly need a 200+Hz monitor. That said, get it if you want, because one thing I don't do when buying machine parts/building PCs is listen to the typical 'you shouldn'ts'...

"that's overkill"
"you'll never use that much RAM"
"you'll never be able to see 144Hz and beyond"

What I WOULD avoid? Chasing the HDR dream. Right now, it's pretty iffy on PC. The sweet spot is 1440p/144Hz/GSYNC or Freesync unless you really, really want that 4K (which I'd understand as an owner of monitors running both resolutions). Also, if you aren't in a really big room, a 27" is also ideal. Not to big too sit in front of and not too small to make out the more minute details.

The main reason I asked about the refresh rate is because people seem to be slip on it if your video card is not up to the grunt.

Some say that 200-240hz monitors make games look worst if your gfx card can only output say 60fps

I am guessing this is where GSYNC or Freesync come into play? To help with that issue and in turn enable me to future proof the monitor for when I next upgrade? 

ATM running a MSI GE75 laptop with 8th gen inte cpu and a 2070 rtx, so not exactly the worlds fastest lol.