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Well looks like my post at 5am made a bit of sense as getting some good replies lol.

Yer I have been torn between

Flat 27inch IPS 144HZ panel @ 16:9 @ 1080p or a

Curved 27inch IPS 144HZ panel @ 16:9 @ 2560 x 1440

Curved 32inch IPS 144HZ panel @ 16:9 @ 2560 x 1440 with FreeSync

Curved 34inch VA 144HZ 1800R panel @ 21:9 @ 3440 x 1440

The main reason I even contemplated the curved Ultra Wide Screen monitor was the benefits it would offer when working (also has a rail and cradle to hold up my webcam for work), having two things side by side but did not want to compromise on gaming but for work. Also I herd movies are great on 21:9 screens.

The thing that is turning me off the VA panel is that I read that people complained about ghosting in games. However the better angles and blacks make it a better option for watching movies. SO not sure if the ghosting is bad enough for me to say no to the VA, or if it would be tolerable by me.

I know it may feel odd why they all MSI monitors, I would like to match it up to my MSI laptop lol.

MS also announced a MEG381CQR (which has the same benefits for work as the MPG341 above) which will have an IPS panel, however it is 38inch lol. Ideally hoping to see maybe a 32 inch or 34 inch announced.

Then now we seeing also crazy curvature like the OPTIX MAG342CQR 1000R which supposedly is meant to eb close to the curvature of the eye to get the full benefit of a curved monitor lol