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Well it feels like it has been about 100 years since I last bought a monitor. It used to be simple, limited choices and you got what you got lol.

Doing research, it got me thinking (more confused lol) wtf do I upgrade to.

So many aspect to consider

Panel Type: TN vs VA vs IPS

Panel Design: Straight vs Curved (1000R 15000R 18000R lol)

Refresh Rate: 100HZ vs 144HZ vs 165HZ vs 200HZ

Ratio: Wide 16:9 vs Ultra-Wide 21:9 

Resolution: 1080p vs 1440p vs 4K (at lower refresh rates)

Display size: 24inch to 38inch

It almost feels like you need to have multiple monitors these days depending on the game you are playing so you are not at a disadvantage when playing online lol

So here the questions:

1. If you have on monitor, how did you select the right one for you based on the aspects above?

2. If you are hardcore gamer of different genres, do you get different monitors lol?

3. If you graphics card can't output at 200fps is there any value in a 200HZ monitor? i.e. can you future proof for when you upgrade to one that can, or image will be shit at a lower frame rate.

4.  Resolution does it matter too much? Does pixel density bother you? ie. 1080p on say a 32inch monitor vs 24inch.

5. What size screen have you found to be a sweet spot for working with close proximity to your eyes?

6. what other factors did you consider when buying a monitor?

7. eSports gamers, is there really that much a competitive advantage?

8. Is it all just marketing and in reality any monitor you use won't make that much of a difference in your ability to play (if you are a skilled games vs non skilled gamer)