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Dulfite said:
If I was a bachelor and had unlimited spacing, cool. But I'm a married man with limited spacing vertically, so the design on this is so inconvenient to me that it will be the driving factor to me purchasing a Series X over it. If it shrunk 1/3 of a foot we could talk, but as it is that thing is way too tall and it sounds like it could overheat if laid sideways? I've never bought a PlayStation due to fanboyism over the years. PS4, which I didn't own, started to change my mind especially with third party controllers. I went into this with an open mind. But the thing simply won't fit literally or stylistically with the rest of my furniture and then I'm going to lose out on Happy Home Designer points.

Sony would be moronic to design it with disregard to it lying to the side since they know a lot of customers will use it like that.

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