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goopy20 said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
True, I mean when Sony revealed a logo and got huge reactions it probably wasn’t just because they have the biggest WW audience, I bet the logo “felt” next gen. Also the controller. I guess it just “felt” next gen. Despite no one actually feeling it and the other being a logo.

Funny that you’re downplaying what’s been shown in the XSX event but meanwhile some of the most impressive stuff shown in the PS event were multiplat cross gen games. Can you not just finally admit that your idea of what is “real next gen” is just nonsense lol.

So great graphics in an XSX game = well it’s just a PC title in 4K. Great graphics in a PS5 game = NEXT GEN BITCHES

Ok, we understand now. Thanks, friend.

What does the logo and the controller have to do with how the press responded to the actual ps5 games? Ratchet & Clank simply did things that we haven't seen before on that kind of scale. That's why the general public and sites like DF were excited over it. If you don't agree then just show me 1 example of a game that does anything like it. On the flip side, show me one game during Series X's reveal that doesn't look like it could be on current gen? 

Who said anything about the press? You said general consensus and “the masses”. Seems like the opposite of the gaming press but hey, that’s what happens when you’re shifting the goal posts constantly. You mentioned the “feel” of next gen games, I’m just pointing out that even when Sony had only showed a logo, people were going crazy. Of course they’re going to go crazy when actual games are shown.

I already told you multiple times Ratchet was impressive. What words exactly are you looking for me to say here? Let me know what will make you feel better. I already mentioned games that have you shifting to other worlds or levels, and I admitted they are on a smaller scale because PS5 has better specs. So are you again saying true next gen means it just looks better and has bigger scale? Because as others have pointed out, you have months worth of posts showing otherwise.

Also how do you feel about some of the most impressive looking stuff being cross gen, that has to sting after your XSX crusade.