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goopy20 said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

An MS exec that also admits he is clueless about game development and was just making up the only scenario he could think of: elevators. But sure, lets run with it because it fits your agenda. And you're yet to give any detail as to how the XSX is a traditional console. Both consoles went for SSD's and massively increased I/O. Sony just made their SSD faster, MS went with better hardware. Don't forget PS5 has boost mode to hit its 10TF, pretty common feature of PC's.

Oh man the showing must have been more disappointing for you than I could have imagined if you went from being so sure about how XSX is limited and lacking in comparison to PS5 to now "well we don't know how it compares". Also you're free to conclude whatever you want. But it is strange how it's apparently wrong for me to believe nothing Sony showed couldn't be on PS4 (even though I don't believe I ever said that) and makes me "salty" but it's perfectly ok for you to claim nothing MS has shown can't be done on current gen and a HDD fine. Seems you didn't read the part of my post about practicing what you preach :(

I mean you're the guy constantly claiming that for years and years after launch, XSX exclusives will be designed to run on "potato PC". Please don't try to talk down to me because I rated the Sony show a 7. Maybe you just have a different opinion on innovation. After all you're the one who called Infamous innovative because it was doing the same stuff the genre had been doing for years but just bigger and prettier. I did say the SSD stuff in Ratchet with jumping worlds had been done before. Obviously with the next gen specs it will be bigger and faster and prettier. You mentioned Far Cry. You brought up a possible gameplay scenario in HFW, I replied with how you could already do that in Just Cause 2. Obviously on next gen hardware it would be bigger, faster, prettier. Just not new.

Your definitions are shifting again, I can only assume it's from disappointment in what was shown. It's fine, games will get better as the gen rolls along.

We know this for a fact because except for Medium, everything Ms has shown will run on Xbox One as well. 

Isn't it normal that next gen consoles do kinda the same things as current gen, but bigger and better? If that's not enough than what are you seriously expecting? To me it seems you're constantly pretending you don't know what next gen games are traditionally about. A new console generations is not a completely new concept and we both know what it usually means.

MS is just trying to rewrite the rules. Instead of doing a hard reset, they are making sure everyone can play their games in the Xbox ecosystem. That's why nothing they've shown requires cutting edge hardware or a fast SSD, even if it is skipping current gen consoles. Take Dustborn for example that was just announced for Series X, ps5 and pc. Maybe I exaggerate when I say potato pc, but just look at the pc requirements and you'll see it doesn't require SSD or a high-end gpu:

If you weren't disappointed with what was shown at the Series X event, then fine. But maybe that's why you're telling yourself that the IO performance gap is no biggie and everything Sony showed would run on current gen too, let alone the Series X.

Truth is that we don't know how these consoles will compare until we see the games. Until then all we have is this MS exec talking about elevators and Epic saying the ps5's SSD tech is so impactful, they've rewritten their core I/O subsystems for UE5 with the ps5 in mind. Is the MS exec a complete idiot that doesn't know what he's talking about, did Sony spend a fortune on overdeveloping their SSD and pay Epic to say those things? Who knows, but MS really needs to show something really impressive on July if they want to change the "most powerful next gen console" narrative.

Oh so now it’s “everything would run fine on a HDD.. except this.” And “but this doesn’t require a ‘fast’ SSD”. Keep shifting those goal posts, friend. 

I don’t know or care what you think about what qualifies a game as next gen or not because your definition is constantly changing to suit whatever Sony is doing and furthermore you’re the only one who was making a big deal about cross gen and “real next gen games” anyway. 

What is the IO gap? How much does the XVA improve XSX?  Again you’re speaking factually about things right after claiming no one knows. Also yeah we can only judge the games. Neither has shown anything super impressive yet imho. The most impressive stuff was not gameplay for both, Hellblade II and HFW. But that doesn’t mean the games won’t be good. I was more impressed with games like Little Devil Inside and that K game and both of those are cross gen, your literal nightmare. Funny how that works.

Cant wait to see your definitions change again after the July and August events.