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I just dropped in after literally years... And I see Goopy is still at it. My God... With that dedication you could've actually become rich if you put the time into something productive. In any case...

Just throwing one thing out there. We already know Medium is going to be available only on the Xbox Series X, not on the older consoles. Developers will choose if they will cater to the older consoles or not. They are not forced to do so. Microsoft has chosen to support the older Xbox One consoles for at least the first year for their first party studios, considering how the early games are most likely going to be developed in the 'old way' anyway. Their perspective most likely is that it doesn't hurt to increase your potential market.

And obviously, there are always the ones trying to spin a good thing into a bad thing. Buying the game on one system and automatically getting it on three is not a bad thing in the slightest. That this needs to be said at all is ridiculous.

Truth does not fear investigation