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sundin13 said:
You need to prove this point first:

"There is not enough jobs, money or resources to go around"

As we just left a time of historically low unemployment, I think our capacity for jobs is still more than suitable. The statement "there isn't enough money to go around" seems functionally nonsensical. I have also seen no evidence that we are short on resources, as, for example, we waste 80billion pounds of food each year, which is enough to feed roughly 40million people.

Yeah food waste is pretty bad.  Amazing how much ends up in garbage.  Then the whole meat industry being consolidated into a few companies just shows how messed up our food chain is.  Some ranchers were just euthanizing their livestock because the processing plants were shutting down because of covid outbreaks at the plants and cheaper to just kill than continue to feed. Need to have more local butchers apparently.