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I loved the Xbox and the 360 but not liked the direction it has gone since about 2010 with Don up to Phil.  Right now all I see XBSX doing is keeping Sony honest but little else and Sony will still win out of the two. Even tho they mostly do not appeal to me. Sony is very good at getting that new IP that will sell to a more casual audience. Games that paint with a broad stroke and appeal to a mass. Those "cinematic" adventure games and sprinkle in some cartoon mascot games. MS keeps relying on IPs with a shrinking base. Sure they bought some studios but they have done that in the past. They also shut down a lot of projects and even a couple of studios under Phil. We saw a lot of ho-hum games with XBO. I don't see that changing soon. A couple of those studios made some games ranging from mediocre to really bad. Some made some good stuff of course. They are also pushing Hellblade 2. That's fine and all but didn't that game only sell 1 million copies across 4 systems? Not a mass seller. Maybe it has a growing audience so who knows. I do know I would own an Xbox one if they released Phantom Dust and Scalebound.

While I always want the competition to prevent a monopoly, I just wish MS was better at it. 360 was the closest they had to success in Japan and despite early gen hardware problems. Easily the best console they made and likely ever will. MS is kinda doing what SEGA did in the mid to late 90s. Release some of their games on PC and handhelds not competing with them. (Neo Geo Pocket which btw connected to DC similar to GBA link to GC) I know Phil Spencer means well but honestly don't think he's doing that great. Nintendo will do whatever it is they do and be fine. Switch. Phones. Pokeballs. Theme parks, whatever.

Sorry to sound too negative on MS. Again I love their older Xbox systems. I collect for multiple platforms. I don't wave a flag (Except classic SEGA lol). I just go where the games are. Not a big fan of Sony as a company but their consoles get the most games I want to play. I would love for MS to get back to the greatness that was 360. I'd love for them to address all my worries and surprise me. Tho there is a small part of me that thinks how they took over SEGA's spot and post 360 not felt they lived up to it. Sorry I know it's a Nintendo thread. Sorry to get a bit off track. Just had to vent a little. Just finish with this.

I want all 3 to be great. I have some doubts but I want them to be proven wrong.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!