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Illusion said:
It's fun to laugh at this thread now but people don't realize how ugly things were looking for Nintendo a short while ago. The Wii U was a disaster and smartphone gaming was decimating the 3DS in the latter part of the its life. Also, it wasn't clear at all that the "fusion" concept between portable and console that the Switch went with would be successful. The Switch had to do absolutely everything right and it did, but this doesn't take from the fact that Nintendo was at the lowest point since the NES during the Wii U era and was very close to becoming the next Sega. Hopefully the Wii U era teaches Nintendo to be less overconfident in the future. Just because a console like the Wii or the Switch catches fire and sells well doesn't mean that the general public will buy any piece of junk you throw at them or that developers will just figure out how to make it's gimmick popular. Nintendo should keep this in mind with the successor to the Switch: the market is changing quickly and finding the new cool requires effort, being able to tell your users what they want and need and reflecting on what you have been doing in the past in ways that makes you uncomfortable...

Nintendo is handling smartphones just fine, where's Angry Birds these days?

The only thing that's been decimated is Nintendo's dedicated handhelds. A feat no-one else has ever been able to achieve.

If they can handle Apple and Samsung smartphones, outsell Sony and MS home consoles and crush dedicated handheld systems, it's not Nintendo that has to worry.

Nov 2016 - NES outsells PS1 (JP)

Don't Play Stationary 4 ever. Switch!