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Leynos said:
PAOerfulone said:


Furthermore, with Sega, they had a long string of failures that led to their demise as a hardware manufacturer. The Genesis/Mega Drive was really the exception rather than the rule. The Master System didn’t do well at all as it was dwarfed by the NES. The Saturn flopped, all their handhelds flopped. The Dreamcast had a promising start, but as soon as the PS2 was announced, that was all she wrote.

With Nintendo, aside from the Wii U and GameCube, all of their consoles and handhelds have ranged from so-so (N64/3DS) to absolutely juggernaut (DS/Wii/Switch). 

SEGA was successful in arcades but it wasn't enough. DC was doomed before launch because of the 32X and Saturn failures already bankrupt them. They were on the brink of going out of business. All that saved them was a dying CEO who left his entire fortune to SEGA to keep them afloat until Sammy bought them.

Oh and Gamecube was not a failure. Not in the least. Sure it didn't seel the most consoles but they made a profit on it.

no money equal go bad. Nintendo have tons of money when Wiiu disaster occurred.