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So far I'm liking what I'm seeing.

There's noting revolutionary or that wasn't possible on PC, but I had my expectations in line.

Given that, we are seeing / going to see:

  1. Better native (framebuffer) resolution;
  2. Thanks to ray tracing shadows and lighting tends to be much more realistic;
  3. The fast SSD is going to cut drastically loading times and open a couple to new gameplay possibilities;
  4. CPUs are good enough to make 60 FPS a reality (with proper compromisses on both resolution and ray tracing).

Although, I would prefer slightly weaker hardware (GPU and CPU) but with better ray tracing capabilities, the hardware of the new generation of consoles seems to be very well balanced, which wasn't the case in the last couple of generations by the way.  

My only real concern right now is with pricing, releasing expensive consoles in the middle of a global crises isn't going to be easy.