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CGI-Quality said:
hinch said:
Massive difference in geometric details especially in the hair. What baffles me in Horizon and R@c is the geometry in the characters. You can barely make out polygonal edges.

Even in the foliage in the Horizon Forbidden west. And the density of it all put on top.

Those were some of the leaps I promised were coming too (hopefully, people believe in me now ). Horizon specifically, look at the foliage/trees texture mapping and their density. All things that could not have been accomplished with such finesse on current gen machines. And remember, it's just the beginning. 

Yeah, its crazy. Way more than I expected. I expect people to be blown away when games of that scale/caliber come launch.

I didn't even expect raytracing in PS5 games this early and yet its apparent in some of the titles in the show.