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TheMisterManGuy said:
Soundwave said:

The N64 was the natural progression for 3D graphics, the SNES already had Star Fox and the Super FX, 3D was the next logical step. To have a 3D play system, you need a 3D controller, hence the analog stick. 

Star Fox was merely a taste of what 3D could bring. But it wasn't until the N64 that showed us how 3D games should control and play. 

The Zapper and ROB were just marketing ploys to get stores in the US to stock the NES after Atari's downfall, it's not many games even supported either device. 

And they're somehow any different from the Wii Balance board or Nintendo Labo? 

Someone had to take that step towards an evolution of 3D games. It’s like taking that first step onto the Moon and discovering/hypothesizing possibilities of worlds outside of our own.

I don’t think the Wii Balance Board and Nintendo Labo were that much different compared to the Zapper and ROB. They were just marketed differently for their respective time. Video games had a bad rap post-U.S. video game crash so ROB was an entry point for kids/parents.