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Mr Puggsly said:
Pemalite said:

I absolutely adored Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo... Tropical Freeze on WiiU/Switch doesn't give me the same excitement, maybe it's because I have gotten older and my individualistic tastes in games have thus shifted, I have allot less enthusiasm to platformers than I once did. (Although Ori had amazing art and sound design, can't applaud it highly enough.)

Killer Instinct I loved on the Super Nintendo and the Xbox One version probably plays closer homage to that than Killer Instinct Gold on the Nintendo 64, that's not an easy feat in my opinion considering the fundamental technology shifts and development teams.

Perfect Dark and Goldeneye defined an entire gaming console cycle, they were *the* reasons to buy a Nintendo 64 at the time. (Other than Ocarina of Time and Mario 64.)

In my opinion, RARE still hits it out of the park more often than not, it's just we have allot more competition in the gaming space where being "good" is often not enough anymore, our expectations just keep getting higher.

So in my opinion... Other than the Kinect shovelware, RARE's games never stopped being good, we just have more options in the market these days, that's definitely not a bad thing.

Yeah, I remember thinking DKC was amazing on Super Nintendo. But I didn't REALLY enjoy it, not a game I care to revisit. Kinda frustrating and just above average overall. I rather play Mario or Sonic games to be honest. Had more fun with DKC Returns than other games in the series.

I played the KI arcade games as a kid, even spent significant time with the console ports. However, the Xbox One release is more enjoyable. Less clunky and just easier to play. I think the original KI games didn't age well because the basic attacks feel weak compared to other popular fighters. It not very fun unless you become skilled at combos. The new game is better balanced, easier to jump in and play and the combo system is unique for the genre.

N64 FPS games were a significant part of the 5th gen, but they didn't define it. If that was the case than N64 would have sold much better. Instead I would say people went to N64 for various FPS games and Nintendo stuff in general. Personally, I didn't care for them. I really started enjoying console FPS games when Xbox released. Halo, Doom 3, Half Life 2, etc. Stuff like that on console really impressed me.

Agreed, studios that were doing cutting edge games in the 90s are rarely doing impressive games now. The fact that Rare still exists and makes enjoyable games means they beat the odds.

I kinda like their Kinect games as well... I may revisit Kinect Rivals.

So N64 not selling well show that they didn`t define FPS, I guess Halo is almost pointless since it didn`t much more for Xbox original.

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