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ArchangelMadzz said:
Bandorr said:
Just call it "not on Xbox". Seeing any of them on the switch would be a surprise. And it's just easier.

Also are you counting "timed" exclusives. I believe I see a tweet suggesting that deathloop was a timed exclusive.

Sounds a bit trolly to just categorise them as 'not on xbox' but we do need a better word for it cause if it's on any other platform it's not exclusive.

DonFerrari said:


Astro's playroom (1st party so no question)
Demon'sSouls (Bluepoint making the remaster so PS5 only and Sony probably have the IP of the original)
Destruction All stars (from the trailer yes it seems PS5 exclusive)
Gran Turismo 7 (1st party so no question)
Horizon: Forbidden West (1st party so no question)
Spiderman Miles Morales (1st party so no question)
Ratchet and Clank (1st party so no question)
Sackboy Big Adventure (Sony IP so no question)
Bugsnax (trailer say console exclusive limited time, probably epic store limited time as well)
Godfall (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Returnal (PS exclusive, possibly Sony own the IP since it is housemarque)
Goodbye Volcano High (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Jett: The Far Shore (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Kena (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Project Athia (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Oddworld: Soulstorm (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Little Devil Inside (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
GhostWire: Tokyo (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Deathloop (trailer say console exclusive limited time)
Stray(trailer say console exclusive limited time)

As I said most are timed. And several are also crossgen

I gone on each trailer and watched the end of all them where it was informed the exclusivity. Basically all the ones that will be on PC are also console time exclusive. Sony titles are Playstation exclusive plus Returnal, Demon`s Souls and Destruction All Stars.

Ahh I stand corrected, the youtube trailers show which are timed and which aren't, these weren't shown in the live stream. 

But as I mentioned, given this is all being done to influence early adopters, the timed factor does make little difference in the overall point. 

Yep, on the show that information wasn`t show.

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