Chazore said:
Nautilus said:

Honest question, why would you be put off by RE 4 Remake?

Has it more to do with not wanting to replay a game you have played before, or just not liking RE 4?

I just wasn't a fan of the whole Plagas deal, as well as the QTE's. Resi to me is Resi 1-3, Code V, Outbreak, and the first half of 6.

I've played 4 before, but it definitely wasn't one of my faves. 5 was alright for co-op, but it's story, and again QTE's I felt were over the top and silly, as well as Chris having godlike strength. 8 looks like it's making Chris as edgier person than he was in the second half of 6, it's like Capcom cannot keep one character consistent for more than one game, they've always got to change up a character per instalment, and it just wrecks character lore and personality for me. 

Like, in the movies, we had Wesker acting like a temp good guy, but then he backstabbed Alice, which I saw was coming, but Paul WS Anderson doesn't really know Wesker all that well, and Resi 5 showed that Wesker isn't the type to buddy up to anyone, he's a user. 

I'd dare say KH does a better job at keeping Sora consistent than Capcom does for Chris/Jill.

I can actually agree with you to some extend. They do really use Chris as a jack of all trades.

One thing I do get kind of pissed off with RE is that they don't nearly make enough use of their "legacy" characters as much as they should. If rumours are true, RE 8 was originally RE Revelations 3, and Rebecca Chambers was supposed to be the lead. I love Rebecca! And she hasn't been used since when, RE 0?

It's like characters outside of the main cast just dissapears: Rebecca, the Chris buddy from RE 5, it took Barry almost 2 decades to resurface, Carlos, and so on. Even Jill is missing in action since Revelations and that was kind of a spin off series(and it was released back in early 2012).

I do hope that, with RE 7 and Ethan, they manage to make a compelling storyline that keeps all the characters that appeared within them to keep reappering, much like RE 1-3. Still kinda sour that they killed Lucas in RE 7. He was a really good villain.

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