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hinch said:
Kai_Mao said:

I would like to get people's opinion about Switch selling as a home console, with the OG SKU being $300 (and outselling the $200 Lite majority of weeks since it released) and Nintendo games selling for $60 (or whatever is Japan's equivalent to full price) with little price cuts, even though its marketed as a hybrid/handheld.

Even the 3DS got off to a rough start and the price had to be slashed significantly from $250 to $170. I don't remember how much 3DS games cost in Japan, but I assume they are lower in price compared to Switch games. The Switch is more expensive than Vita, with the Joy Cons being more expensive than some of the Vita memory cards. Not to mention adding the Pro Controller, SD memory cards, and paid online.

I think its the the reduced functionality of the lite that takes away some its appeal. Like it's one of the main selling point of the Switch. Play how you want, portable, or on your TV. Take that away and you have a machine that just can play on that screen. Its not a substantial amount more for the full-fat package.

You also get detachable controllers with HD rumble and dock which doubles as a charger in the OG model.

Nintendo first party games always sell well in Japan. And like the rest of the world, their prices generally hold up and rarely go down.

Reduced functionality is lite only portable aspect. In short, is the missing stationary console aspect that makes the console sell less? Well ... case closed