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Mnementh said:
hinch said:

Uh Wii U sales were like 3.3m in 2016 and they stopped tracking.

Other strictly home consoles were/and are in a decline in Japan.

Look at sales figures before calling out people for nonsense.

What he says is that the handheld thing is not sufficient as an explanation for the japanese market. That the WiiU was an unappealing console for many doesn't change the comparison between Switch Lite and OG Switch.

In other words, the person accusing others of using a straw man, was actually using a straw man (Wii U sales), in a thinly veiled attempt to start another straw man argument (why Switch shouldn't be considered a console).

Then he advises others to look at the hard facts, but not the fact that Switch is priced like a console, plays console games, or that the console version of Switch is still outselling the Lite version in Japan each week. Just ignore those facts.