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Dulfite said:
Trying to get the truth out of this situation is harder than trying to get it out of a Freemason and Illuminati at the same time while sitting in a Sauna with a hot yoga yogi glaring at your terrible form.

The lawsuits from all this over the next decade are going to be insane.

Its the same issue the police had.
No oversight, they police themselves and never find themselves to have done any wrong.

BLM wouldn't have happended if someone hadn't video taped it on their cellphone.

The fact that hospitals are run as "corporate business" and view patience as just profit margins, and are libability free, during Covid19... is a recipe for a disaster. Apparently some hospitals might have taken advantage of that. Basically chooseing money over saveing lives.

This is why healthcare should be free for all, and state run.

Like if you have doctors, purposefully putting people on ventilators to kill them quicker.... so they can free up a bed space.
Something has gone horribly wrong somewhere along the line.