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"So let's get this straight: a nurse goes and obtains video and audio recording at a hospital who's administration and staff are engaging in serious medical malpractice and deceit during a pandemic. Instead of everyone being outraged and demanding a full investigation into this the following happens: the nurse who obtained this evidence is vilified. Attacked for having a go fund me account (not illegal) , attacked for obtaining these recordings in the first place ( people say this was a violation of privacy, this can successfully be defended in a court of law as falling under the category of mitigating circumstances in that these recordings could not have been obtained by following official channels), she is attacked for letting a patient die by not following orders. This is something that has to be proven, heresy and because I said so are not evidence. No one mentions the people being murdered by the hospital due to their malpractice. Basically this nurse is attacked on every personal level, but non of you trolls have attacked what she has exposed, you have not disproven what she has brought to light because you can't, instead you go after her, on a personal level. Goes to show you have nothing, and are equally complicit in the lies and deceit being perpetrated by a medical institution that should be closed down due to their disgusting behaviour. You are all truly lost." - dennis13spartan (YT)

"Every medical professional tells you that if you have a loved one in the hospital, YOU are that person's biggest advocate and you should stay as much as you can by their bedside. Look at what they did, kept everyone away so no one could see what they were actually doing." - Barbara Norman

"Covid Response is Liability-Free...should be enough to scare the hell out of anyone. Maybe for 1st 2 weeks, that was ok...but 3 months in? Shut the Liability-free umbrella." - Nicole Stephens

"I’m a RN registered nurse who’s worked in hospitals for over 28 years. I have noted the change in management of hospitals over the years, now they operate as a corporate business. If someone in my family became ill with corona virus, I would have their primary doctor treat them at home and NO ventilators. A ventilator is only needed, after all other more conservative measures are not effective and the patient is still in respiratory distress. They can use oxygen via Nasal Cannula or a Oxygen Mask and increase the rate of flow as needed, CPAP machines to assist with oxygen and breathing, these are all less invasive treatments." - linda marie

"Germany here.... this correlates with a report from an Italian doctor months ago who stated that he thinks they were treating the people with the wrong procedures. He reported that those lungs looked like from people suffering under the 'high-altitude-sickness'... he had reason to believe that common unpressurized oxygen just with a mask was completely enough! That intubation and high-pressure was very dangerous for the patients." - Knut Ritter

"I'm in like 8 min, & she's absolutely right. I was wondering how they were just letting 'any doctor/graduating student, nurse' work on critical care/ICU patients. You have to have special training, & experience, to work w/those patients. And to put them on vents without trying EVERYTHING else is clearly malpractice, if not intentional murder in these cases. No family, DNR everyone, intubate for no reason, mix isolated w/pop, unqualified med staff...$$$.

Cleaning between patients is a joke. Her description of maintaining isolation is true, that's a joke. Cross-contamination is constant. Testing...being positive days later, exposing staff is every day." - Theresa M

What do you guys think?
Did they not care if people had covid19 or not? saw patients as free money?
Did they purposefully put them on ventilators just so they could die, and clear out the bed for the next person?

US might need a healthcare reform, along with a police one.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 10 June 2020