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Zelda: Breath of the Wild It brought back the open-endedness of the original game, where you would get lost in the world and stumble upon new locations and secrets without your hand being held the whole time. The sense of exploration was truly amazing for a game in the 80s, and BOTW achieves that for modern gaming all over again. And it was about damn time!

Sonic Mania Pure 16 bits classic greatness. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is arguably the last truly amazing Sonic game. With the 3D titles being hit or miss, and all having their fair share of less than stellar elements. Sonic Mania remedies to that by further building upon the foundation of the 16 bits titles. Level design could have been a little more focused, but that's a small nitpick for what is a truly amazing follow up to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Resident Evil VII It brought back the feeling of isolation, careful item management, and got rid of the Hollywood action movie elements that made the survival aspect take a back seat in the franchise's recent games.

Super Mario 3D World Brought back concise, cleverly crafted levels, giving the game a SMB 3 vibe, which I greatly enjoyed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake They finally found a battle system that caters to fans of the older games as well as more recent fans. The game also has pristine production value, is definitely more focused than the last few main games (XIII and XV, mostly), and hits the emotional chords like the games used to. For once in a long while, an FF game does a lot more right than wrong and executes most of its ideas exceptionally well. Here's hoping Part 2 won't disappoint.

Hopefully Paper Mario: The Origami King will bring back the brilliance found in TTYD.  The trailer certainly hints at it having its fair share of clever and fun ideas.  And speaking of which... Where the hell is TTYD on Switch? Not making a remaster or even a simple re-release of that game for the console is a crime. They can’t have this gem be forever lost and stuck to the 6th gen.

Last edited by Hynad - on 10 June 2020