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JWeinCom said:
Nautilus said:

At the pace it is selling, it's probably going to pass 4 million.

Probably, but I like to be conservative.  Hopefully you're right about Mega Man 11, but I have doubts that Capcom will actually do anything with the franchise.  I've gotten my hopes up and been burned before.  

If fairly certain that Capcom( Kazuhiro, the current series producer, said this), that a new game is in the works. He said that back in september of last year.

Megaman 11 currently sits at 1.2 million units. For a franchise that just came back from the dead, and with an incredibly low budget, that an outstanding performance.

Plus they haven't stopped releasing new megaman collections. It's been safe to say, for more than a year now, that Megaman is back.

And probably the next game is X9.

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