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Sorry, but Square-Enix milking old Final Fantasies with all these remakes and remasters takes the crown. FF7 original on PS4 is one of my most played games on the console and so FF8 Remastered. I had played the originals, but they really bite me to buy them when they release a new version. Even Zodiac Age on PS4 is amazing. Personally, i feel like latest entries like 13 and 15 are not that remembered and loved by the fans, i mean i dont expect anyone asking a FF13 remake for PS5,  Square is milking everything from the past and they are not hesitant on announcing FF 16.  We all remember back in 00s, the next FF entry was announced before the present was even released. When FF 15 dropped in 2016, they went totally mute on  FF16.

What other games series are dependant on nostalgia ?