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zero129 said:
goopy20 said:

We don't really know to be honest. I mean could that specific UE5 demo have run on Series X as well? I would've thought so, but after reading this quote from a MS exec, I'm starting to have my doubts. All we know for certain is that Sony has shown Spider man with zero loading times and we've seen State of Decay loading in 10 seconds. I also think Sony wouldn't have put so much effort in their SSD tech if it would just mean a bit less pop-in and load a couple of seconds faster. They practically build their whole console around it and are convinced it's the key to the next generation, which a lot of developers seem to be agreeing with.

It wouldn't surprise me if MS releases a mid-gen Series XXL with a faster SSD.

What Otter says is true. What you believe is what you want to believe. Like you only believe that SSD is the key to nextgen for the simple reason that its the only thing that PS5 has thats faster then XBSX so clearly your going to cling to it like its some holy grail. However yes SSD will be great for Nextgen but it wont be only a benefit for just Sony to enjoy or mean the PS5 will have games that wont be possible on PC/XBSX.

And here I thought that PS5`s Audio Tempest was a more powerful solution than on XSX.

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