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We have heard a lot of complains about the game being split over several releases (some of us estimate 3 parts, others think it will be a lot more, and used an interview of making smaller portions to release faster, but that didn't said in comparison to part 1 but compared to original game), and feeling of incomplete game and short for a JRPG.

I'm one superboss win away from platinum (thinking how to deal with the 4th guardian before the superboss) and have put 80h on it watching all the cutscenes and dying a couple times per boss. For everyone to have an idea the first play I took about 40h on easy with all sidequests done, then another 25-30h for hard with no sidequest. Then chapter selection to do 2 sidequests, collect 3 final dresses and now some challenges to get the last trophy.

I will say that compared to other JRPGs 80h is very reasonable duration, it is much bigger than most games out there even without being open world, the story is pretty good, the Cutscenes are great enough to watch twice in a row, and the game is satisfying and enough to be called a full game with a reasonable ending for the arch of story and being clear that it will continue.

Do anyone that finished the game still think it isn't worth the pricetag compared to standard game out there?

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