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I haven't been on here much lately, and have been slow to find out about some of the gaming news, but reading about all of these comparisons really makes me wonder how much of this is "console war propaganda", how much is bias, and how much is the truth.

I wish I had the ability to jump into a parallel universe where the specs were reversed to see if people latched onto some other aspect where their console was favorable.

Do people really favor a faster SSD over faster GPU/CPU? I guess that is somewhat rhetorical, as I can't expect to get honest answers out of most people. But more importantly, how many actually understand the role the SSD plays?

For an SSD, it's very fast, but that's 5.5GB per second. It's still only 1% the speed of the RAM, and far too slow to matter in the context of a single frame. With the PS5, data can be pulled in twice as quickly from the SSD and written onto RAM, but those speeds are mostly relevant for loading times. That means that looking at the raw specs of both consoles, the XSX will have "better gwafix".

It's 2020, are people just now finding out about SSDs?

Source: my dumb asss