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Pemalite said:
Hynad said:

It's not just the difference in SSD speed that must be taken into account, but also how the memory is processed. 

Components having direct access to the PS5's SSDs, instead of having to go through multiple paths before reaching their desired locations is also an advantage the PS5's I/O has over the XBSX. It speeds up many processes by forgoing what has been the default memory seeking method since forever now.

What makes you think Microsoft hasn't invested in all the "behind the scenes" technology to drive it's SSD?

What makes you think they have a similar solution to PS5? Where has that ever been mentioned? 


God forbid the PS5 will have a clear advantage over the XBSX (and PC) in one aspect of its architecture... -___-


Last edited by Hynad - on 09 June 2020