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RolStoppable said:
DonFerrari said:

Where did I question his credibility? I questioned his technical knowledge. And he accepting there is a considerable gap on the I/O is one thing he can do without much technical knowledge, but assuming that would just make loading times different and nothing else is due to lack of knowledge. We have most devs saying it is much more profound than this.

Questioning his technical knowledge is questioning his credibility, because what value do his statements have when it seems that he doesn't know what he is talking about to begin with?

But virtually all of this is moot anyway. Third party developers aren't going to go through the trouble of building their games for the PS5's SSD and then retooling them all to make them work on other platforms.

Dont really think thats how it works. Devs have a vision per say of how the game should function. they might build that dream game and then scale acordinly. Big resent example of this is the outerworlds. Devs said they had certain levels created and they where working properly but current consoles where not up to the task so they started removing assets until it was working. I asume its the same here. If they build whatever game they enviision and neither ps5 or xsx can handle it, they will start cutting fetures, assets, resolution, framerate and if none that is enough or they cuts are to much and affect the rest of the gae, they will start making changes to the game to fit the hardware. Whos to say that they wont stop making changes when one console arrives at a cetain level of performance and keep working on the other untill it works. Or they stop at the level one can perform and looks great, then just drop the resolution or what ever else on the other cuz they dont want diferent experiences just diferennt vissuals. 

The only devs targeting a specific hadware will be first party devs, or exclusive third party deals. 

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