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It looks....crazy. Crazy good from a gameplay and technical standpoint. And also, like Trump might say, TLOU 2 looks like "one of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water".

I hate him so much.

It looks amazing. Combat and stealth.... The brutality alone makes me want to watch "The Many Faces Of Death", just to cleanse my palette.

It was made with, purportedly, input from Anita Sarkeesian, whom I'm not a fan of. And I've read things about Druckmann and ND that are unsavory if true... So outside of the reservations I have with the narrative that I spoiled myself, with spoilers, I wonder how I will feel about...potentially..., the feeling of forced, modern neo-leftist ideology into the world of TLOU.....I feel that such elements won't be delineated by reviewers at large, and with good reason. Will the Bat-Suit be perfection on it's own? Or will it only be perfection when it fits a woman?

Sorry for the political stuff. I've lived in a left neighborhood for most of my life, but some of my new neighbors are assholes.


- edit, I have no business up some of these topics, especially they way I did it. It's already been quoted, but I change the bit about Sarkeesian, I guess for ceremony, since it's still visible. No sleep, but no excuses. Over the line, and out of place. 

Last edited by COKTOE - on 09 June 2020

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