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The Vita.

Bought OLED version with Gravity Rush at launch and eventually got a few other games... And that was that... The memory prices were also outrageous for it's time and still are. Sold it half way through it's life cycle. Then bought it again cause I lost a bet from my friend who was selling it :/ which I still have somewhere... I did manage to hack it though and that is when it became a lot less meh...

Coming from how fap worthy the PSP was for me, this was a major disappointment. But I did like the PSP for it's multimedia capabilities as well for it's time but when the Vita came out, none of that mattered since my phone could not only do all of that, it could do it better. Not to mention some of the ports it got and some of the "AAA" games it got were truly terrible like the Borderlands and Cod games.


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