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BraLoD said:
Jaicee said:


I expect TLOU2 will be called "divisive" by most professional reviewers and 80 to 85% seems like almost like it's the official "this game is divisive" aggregate score for a first-party AAA release. I especially believe that will be the case given how early the embargo on reviews is being lifted. I mean it reminds me of how Death Stranding was handled.

I also expect VG Chartz to score it like a 2 and vote it maybe the Biggest Disappointment of 2020.

I also also expect to quite possibly disagree with what the consensus opinion winds up being.

I've seem two previews so far, one didn't say anything other than technical achievements because of the embargo, another said it's a masterpiece even with his huge expectations based on the original.

I'm fully expecting some backslash because ND wants to push representation on the game but that seems like it'll have a hard time weighting down how good the game is.

As I said long ago, I doubt any Sony game will score 95 or above regardless of how good it is this gen, so a 93 like Uncharted 4 seems within reason for me.

If the game is as good as I heard it was, a 80 would be quite sad to see, but I don't doubt it either.

I don't think most people have problems with a diverse cast. It dosen't matter to most if those carachters are gay, lesbians, black, green, blue or aliens, as long as they are well written and are not there merely because the devs wanted to push an agenda.

I feel that a good example of what not to do in this case is TimeSpinner. God, that game soured me. Not only was the story weak, but they kept throwing on your face how magnificent the carachters were because they were gays or bisexuals or whatnot, and not because of their personal story. They kept throwing that on your face as if they were trying to convince you of that dogma of their instead of just telling a good story.

That's when people will have problems with a game. If Last of Us 2 dosen't do that, they will be fine, as long as there are no other problems.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.