DonFerrari said:
HollyGamer said:
The video got trending on Youtube LOL. Sony and EPIC just got free marketing LMAO.

As they say there is no bad publicity, and sometimes it turns out real good.

That's why Sony has it's class when it comes to PR. They might be arrogance but they are leader on video games industries after Tencent and bigger one on dedicated home consoles. 

They just let people arguing and made drama , in the end people who made drama just embarrassing themself. 

Just look on how PS5 reveal, it was just only a logo the Internet took a storm and then Mark Cerny did presentation (and forum dweller mock that) and suddenly boom Unreal Engine came out without even need  Sony logo or Playstation add at all or not even Sony the one who reveal that.  just look how many view it has on Unreal Youtube channel. They did less and even started bad, but they gained a lot attention like always.

The power of brand.