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JRPGfan said:

my gut says 94.

You look at how smooth the animations, and reactive the gameplay elements are.
How many aspects there are, with such as dogs A.I snifing out scent trails, The people with Line of sight/sounds effecting their actions, and the smaller stuff like the foot prints in mud, getting clothes dirty, or clothes getting degree's of "wet" depending on if its raining and how hard/ if your jumping in water ect.

Theres no justifial way to give this game a 60 or lower score.
The game is just too well made and polished, from what we ve seen of gameplay.

Never the less, Im betting theres atleast one Pro xbox review site that does just that.

What's unjustifiable is that outlook. Critics have different perspectives and priorities; what might be a 10/10 to one person might be a 5/10 to another. 

Your post has already invalidated any individual who thinks poorly of the game, before reading their analysis and reasoning. Heck, before the game has even launched. Furthermore, you imply that such a "low" score could only come from an outlet with a bias against PlayStation.

This kind of thing creates a toxic environment where it's difficult to talk about games honestly.