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Zoombael said:

To some it remains a secret. 

It's possible to upgrade console HDDs to SSDs since the 7th generation. Just FYI.

This is true, but as Mark Cerny discussed in the Road to PS5 talk, putting an SSD into a PS3 and PS4 had very little in the way of performance gains. I had SSD's in my PS3 and PS4, it did help streaming textures, and cut the load times in specific titles, but it was very limited.

With next gen, developers will be able to program to the baseline of every console having an SSD, and take advanatge of the fixed function hardware in the I/O of each console to truly get the most out of those SSD's.

This is something I was glad to see Linus talk about in this video. I have been watching his videos on and off for a long time, and it is always extremely frusterating when he would do a video on a new multi-core CPU or SSDs, and then claim that there is no point in more cores and faster SSDs. It always comes down to the program, if the program is not build to take advanatage of the hardware, then the hardware is not going to be utilized. 

Next gen is going to blow people away, I just hope we can get through this mess going on right now, and get to the positive advanacements that are happening.

Well it is kinda important to inform customers that there isn't much use for the expensive stuff they want to buy because developers aren't putting it to use.

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