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JRPGfan said:

You guys seen the video with the old man in his 70's trying to return a riot gear helmet, to the riot police?

"heres one of your helmets, one of you must have left it behinde"
*cops just ignore him, and what hes carrying*
*cop gives him a push*
*old man falls back, wobbling and falling down to crack open his head*

Theres blood running out of his damn ear, and you see him laying there shakeing abit, before passing out.
Cops just move right past him.

Seriously? its messed up.

I saw the video and it is messed up.  I didn't really notice at first that he was holding one of their helmets and trying to give it back to them.  They could have just grabbed his arm and escorted him but nope gotta shove an old man.  The Buffalo police department first tried to put statement out that someone tripped and fell.  He might have tripped a little on his own but he wouldn't have fallen in the first place if there wasn't a shove.  Now 57 members of the team resigned from that tactical team to support their two suspended coworkers.  They should just resign from the police force if they think that was justifiable.  To add insult to injury they just walk right by him offering no aid to him till two state troopers stopped to help.

Hope the old guy recovers.  He is in stable but serious condition.  I'm pretty sure I saw blood coming out of his ear in the video which means heavy blow to the head from hitting it on concrete.  I tripped and fell into edge of a glass TV stand and had a 6+ inch long gash on top of my head but even then I didn't bleed out of my ears.  He must have suffered a heavy concussion.

Last edited by sethnintendo - on 06 June 2020