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John2290 said:
JRPGfan said:

If the pressure on the water beam is hard enough, it ll cut through diamonds.
That water cannon lookings strong enough, just gotta focus the beam abit, and you could probably use that to probably cut people in half.

Imagine that gif showing the beam comeing through and cutting off limbs?
Lmao at that beam actually blasting like 5 people away. The force of that thing is crazy.

That dude who went flying would have been fine if he hadn't put his shield up, that's what pushed him back with such force. 

That guy might have survived that. The two in the links I posted didn't make it out alive and had no shield.
Hong Kong police must exercise extreme caution in any deployment of water cannons in upcoming protests, Amnesty International said, warning that the use of these powerful weapons in the city’s densely populated streets could cause serious injuries and further enflame tensions.

Distance doesn't help much either, these things are dangerous

She could have easily cracked her head hitting the street that hard.

The water cannons would be better used here

One more link

Tasers are another problem
Warren Ragudo died after two Taser shocks by police intervening in a family altercation. Ramzi Saad died after a Taser shock by police during a dispute between Saad and his mother. Chinedu Okobi died after police used a Taser to subdue him in a confrontation they blamed on his refusal to stop walking in traffic.

They were among at least 49 people who died in 2018 after being shocked by police with a Taser, a similar number as in the previous two years, according to a Reuters review of police records, news reports and court documents.

Non lethal weapons... The only thing those seem to do is give the police an excuse to use more force.