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I used to buy LPs and CDs for decades, but since about 4 years I purchase separate tracks on iTunes (the last 3 songs I bought are from Owen Pallett‘s new album which he unexpectedly released last week) or Bandcamp.

I have around 3000 CDs and more than 7.000 iTunes and Bandcamp tracks.

I ripped all my CDs and combined them with all other mp3s and AACs on the pretty unique hi-res audio player Sony HAP-S1 (this device is way better than any of their consoles).

Additionally I have a paid Spotify subscription to search for new music and artists, and as soon as I discover something I really like, e.g. The Mandalorian title theme, I buy the track on one of the above platforms.

I love music way more than gaming. I will always pay for music to support the artists.

Last edited by okr - on 02 June 2020