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mZuzek said:
SvennoJ said:


I prefer CD, mostly for 90's Techno / Trance. If I play that on a record player on my preferred volume, the needle would end up next to the turn table :) Fun fact, most of the CDs I enjoy are recordings of mixing from records, pops and crackles all captured during the more quieter parts. CD is the best record player!

That was definitely a more scientific post than mine.

I've got a few traumatic experiences with CDs, but none with vinyl. Because I've never used vinyl. Those flimsy CD cases break so easily, and the discs themselves can be quite delicate too. I'll admit I'm not the most careful person in the world, but I've had CDs I've taken good care of end up all scratched and awful to listen to.

Nowadays, I'm going full digital. Buying music in 24-bit FLAC when possible. The worst thing that can happen to digital files is your HDD breaking, not a problem if you make a backup before that happens. Not like hard drives break all the time anyway.

You mean skipping or cutting out with CDs? It can't sound bad, it's full on or full off with digital :p (Perhaps with a bad player with lousy error correction) I only have one CD (out of many many) that skips in one place, I bought a new copy. Not sure how you scratch CDs if you take good care of them? Crappy player?

CD cases suck indeed, LP covers don't last either. I mostly remember LPs for getting in trouble scratching the record while dropping the needle trying to get it on the track I wanted to hear. Or dust/hairs getting hung up on the needle.

Best sound to me is DTS-HD MA properly mixed in lossless 24 bit 5.1 / 7.1. Movie soundtracks never sound as dynamic on CD (or any other format). However I don't have a blu-ray player in the car, nor a 600 watt 5.1 surround system.