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KLAMarine said:

"many people do not believe that the system works, from their subjective viewpoint"

>Indeed, very subjective. And that's a problem.

Well then you and the rest of those in the US with your opinion had better hurry up and figure out how to engage in meaningful conversations towards some kind of consensus with your rioting peers.

Your demonstrated strategy for political discourse on this forum lacks imagination in your pursuit to learn, in that you choose to not exercise your imagination. You seem too scared to think/talk about situations that's not got some perfectly framed and uncut video-footage associated with it, which limits your ability to be aware of what can/cannot be likely. Unfortunately we dont have that luxury in the real-world and without using your imagination, it's gonna be hard to properly exercise empathy and connect with those on the other side to work on a solution that gets collective buy-in ... some might also call this a functioning democracy ;)

This strategy of stubborn/ignorant denial of underlying issues has also been the US' de-facto strategy for a long time and it clearly isn't working. The world is mortified at what's happening right now, maybe most of all because of the lack of self-awareness around it.