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Pyro as Bill said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Oh I see. So every time they want to play a game that's on the hard drive, they would need to either uninstall from the ssd and then wait for the transfer from the hard drive or wait until the game in the ssd transfers from the ssd to the hard drive and then another game transfers from the hard drive to the ssd.

Interesting suggestion to be sure with the cost benefits in mind.

They could still run the game from the HDD but if they wanted the fastest load times they'd need to copy/transfer to the SSD. Last gen games and smaller current gen games would all load at the same speed they do now from the HDD.

The type of development they want to use the SSD isn't only reducing loading time, if it was for that they could just avoid SSD at whole.

There is no point in running from HDD as that would make the games being planned unplayable.

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