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SpokenTruth said:
The hyperbole is strong with this one.

BUT...I'll go way out into left field for a guess that is absolutely not going to happen. A Sega branded 2 TB M.2 stick with every Sega PC game on it plus a Sega emulator for classics and game launcher pre-installed.

We don't know what it is yet so we can't say its hyberbole.

Something definitely is going to happen:

SEGA began the whole marketing for their 60th birthday back in March leading up to the actual day. 

The last bit, once again, is not big news. The only console announcement that we be shocking on a industry level is a new console from SEGA. Why in the world would anybody else care about a SEGA legacy console? SEGA's best console was the Genesis and that got a regular announcement! That is best SEGA has offered in terms of popularity then they announce another lesser mini/legacy console as a 60th anniversary?  Why would he interview tech specialist and executives about a glorified emulator? c'mon guys.

I'm thinking some new tech or service that is just not for use by SEGA exclusively.