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Conina said:
COKTOE said:
My plan right now is to keep running the Pro anyways, so I won't be using the PS5 for BC if I hold to that.

Why keep the PS4 Pro, if the PS4 games run better and quieter and with less loading times on the PS5?

Well, for now, I guess an "overwhelming majority" of games will be backwards compatible. My library is fairly large, so it's certainly possible some of what I have won't work. It just did a quick count, and I have around 400 on PS4, give or take a couple. And as for the running better aspect, sure, but I'm speculating that for some of them, the boost might not matter much, if at all, so I actually prefer to have a secondary system to be in service, to divide the wear and tear somewhat.

Plus, there's some extra storage space. And I'm lazy. Don't have to pack it up and take it in for trade. I actually did the same thing when I got the Pro, and kept the base PS4....Ended up not using it at all, not even once, and traded it for credit about a year later, so we'll see how things shake out this time.

- Just did another quick count, this time not guessing my digital numbers and actually looking at them, and it's 371 physical + digital. Doesn't change much. Still could be some that are incompatible. Someone will make a list of incompatible games at some point down the road.

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