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CGI-Quality said:
pikashoe said:

I said i couldn't think of any, not that there weren't any and I asked you for examples, in what world is that contradicting myself. 

I may be wrong but I thought you said in this thread that the leaps between gens are substantial. I mean when it comes to realism it kind of does have relevance though. Ps360 games that aim for realism look less realistic than modern games therefore they don't hold up. Realistic graphics have always suffered from becoming outdated quickly. 

There can be substantial gains in a new gen and still have old games hold up. Very few would have argued against the Resident Evil games on the GameCube holding up in the 360/PS3 era, for example and for good reason.

And yeah, no shit current realistic looking games look better than the 360/PS3 ones, but that doesn't mean that some of the older ones don't hold up. 

Finally, I argued against the idea that graphics couldn't be improved upon (way back in the first page), not that there were "massive leaps" ahead (even though that would still be irrelevant to what you originally quoted if I had).

Do those games look real to you?