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CGI-Quality said:
pikashoe said:

Your points seem contradictory, your saying that last gen realistic games look fine and hold up fine but that the leaps between gens are massive and massive improvements are yet to be seen. 

Hmmm.... the contradictions rest in your court, I'm afraid. First, you said you hadn't seen even one game from the 360/PS3 era that held up, which I refuted. You then went on to agree that there were a few that do (eliminating Killzone 2) and I used that link to support that it should be included.

So..... not only did I say nothing about "massive leaps" in this discussion, they are irrelevant to the point about 360/PS3 games.

I said i couldn't think of any, not that there weren't any and I asked you for examples, in what world is that contradicting myself. 

I may be wrong but I thought you said in this thread that the leaps between gens are substantial. I mean when it comes to realism it kind of does have relevance though. Ps360 games that aim for realism look less realistic than modern games therefore they don't hold up. Realistic graphics have always suffered from becoming outdated quickly.