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pikashoe said:
DonFerrari said:
It is funny that on the same thread we have people saying that they didn't got impressed with graphics improvement since PS1 came around, others saying that the jump from PS3 to PS4 was almost indiferent and that the jump to PS5 will be even less relevant while at the same time we have TLOU as being very ugly.... Funny stuff indeed.

I feel like you are exaggerating people's points. There is obviously a difference between ps3 and ps4, but to many people it doesn't have the wow factor that other jumps have had. Who said TLOU looks very ugly, I know I said it looks pretty ugly, which I'll admit was probably too harsh on my behalf. It looks ok, but not great by today's standards.

Not exaggerating anyones. Just look at the thread and you'll see exactly that, people saying they haven't been impressed with graphics improvement since PS1. Others said for them the fidelity level of PS3 was enough. You saying TLOU is pretty ugly (which is totally different than it not being great by today standards, which again just show that we have significant jump), others saying that the jump from PS3 to PS4 was minimal, others saying they don't expect a jump on PS5. We even had developers saying they don't expect a significant graphical jump (mostly because their games are unimpressive on this and would look almost like PS3 games anyway).

Perhaps these people were exaggerating and I just said what they said. For me yes I can see that the jumps look less impressive at every gen, but it is quite easy to see the jumps and how much improvement we have been getting every gen. Myself I can't really get pleased playing most last gen or older game except for a few I love, some 2D games that the graphics are simplistic so doesn't look bad (but I don't put more than 0,5% of my time on those).

I look to the future and haven't been disappointed with the AAA games improvements so far.

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