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KratosLives said:
Can anyone tell me how big of a leap the cpu is compared to base ps4. 10X, 20? More?

Just going off of Jaguar vs Zen2.

Closest exsample's I could find (single thread performance in cinebench R20):

AMD A4-5100 (1.55ghz jaguar mobile) scores: 68
AMD Ryzen 3 4300U (upto 3,7ghz boost zen2 mobile) scores: 422    (PS5 is supposedly 3.5ghz)

Then factor in 8 threads vs 16 threads.
Also that things like AVX workloads were run at half rate, while on zen2 that ll be double.

Zen is bound to be a big upgrade, probably 6+ times in typical work loads.
In some unique and limited situation you might actually see something like x20.

Jaguar core is pretty damn weak by todays standards.