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PooperScooper said:

koffieboon - spectrum - the games you listed are 2 (Halo) - 4 (GTA) times bigger than MGS4... Can't you give an example of a game with the same calibur that applys to this situation?

and spectrum nice try with the " i though they would have shipped more" cheap shot.


Halo 3 after 4 month was selling like 60k copies per week...less than MGS after 2 weeks...and supposedly this situation will go on for at least 4-5 weeks. By then the channell will be completely wiped out of the 1st shipment.


as for the shipped copies i still think that 3M isn't such a big number for the most hyped game Ps3 had so far...ok, it's hardcore...but it's not more hardcore than, let's say, GeOW (that was a new franchise AND could count on an installed base that was half of ps3). Still a major hit (as any game that sells 1M+ copies) but I expected more.


2008 year end sales (made in January 2008):

44.2 M 27.1 M 20.8 M