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SvennoJ said:

GT Sport won't have any advantage from an SSD apart from loading times. On ps5 it will actually have to load less, no need for pre baked light maps anymore. There are no issues right now streaming data during the race and cars won't be driving any faster next gen :)

It would be annoying having to wait for HDD users to load the track and cars in online races....

I think the LoD changes in GTS are pretty clearly visible on cars and in the environment (especially on the Monza straight into Rettifilo). And the viewing distance/detail level of the rearview mirror image can be improved by a ton aswell. If they can use LoD 0 assets (or even the sculpts themselves) without switching due to SSD streaming performance that will result in obvious gains in fidelity.

Btw I think it's possible they already have higher quality models for the tracks, but can't use them on the PS4.

Last edited by Lafiel - on 24 May 2020