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Mandalore76 said:
d21lewis said:

PSP memory cards weren't really expensive at all. They were made by a lot of different companies. I think they were just digital camera memory cards. I'm sure they were more expensive than nothing (DS didn't need anything extra) but it wasn't a PlayStation Vita situation.

One thing about that clamshell design that plagued the original DS--broken hinges. All three of my originals broke. The Lite was awesome, though. And it had muuuuch better screen quality.

I've heard a lot of complaints about the original DS hinge breaking, so I don't doubt it was true.  I must have been lucky though.  I still have my original blue clamshell from 15 years ago and never upgraded to the other designs.  I used to bring it to work and everything back then.

White DS lits had hinge cracking and mine did. Sent it in they fixed it. Problem arose again. I never replaced it.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!